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What Size Marquee Should You Hire:  Our capacity guide 

If you’re organising an outdoor event or a large wedding for your closest friends, you’ll need a marquee that can fulfil your requirements. To choose the appropriate size marquee, you must first determine the type of event you wish to organise. The needs for your marquees will vary when you begin to envision an event with elements such as a bar, a dancefloor, tables, seats, or an event stage.


Square meters, square feet, how many per person?

Use this table to obtain an idea of different capacities whether your guests will be seated to help you assess the needed floor area for a business event or private gathering. The following table shows how many people require how much room with which seats during an event:



Seated Suggested Size Tent Size
25 People 12.5m2 3x6m
40 People 20m2 4x6m
50-80 People 36-72m2 6x6m, 6×12
80-120 People 72m2 + 11x19m 
  • Number of guest?
  • Type of food?
  • Band or discos?
  • Bar?
  • Flower arrangement?
  • Weather conditions?
  • Cloakroom?
  • Other entertainment?

All of these elements, which have a strong influence on available space, are frequently overlooked as taking up space or are not addressed to the marquee provider. By taking these considerations into account when reserving a tent, you can ensure enough space within the marquee and relieve stress closer to the big event.

Our advice for accommodating unexpected visitors:

What can you do if your party has more visitors than you anticipated? If the weather is nice, just remove the pavilion’s side sections or side walls and arrange chairs around the tent. This way, everyone at your event may engage in and around the marquee without feeling left out.

After allotting space for visitors to move their seats back to sit, chairs and tables take up more space than you realise.

Size might vary depending on the weather

On bright days, it is preferable to begin the celebration outside the marquee, only inside for the wedding breakfast.

While it is usually good to allow for some reception area within the marquee, it is also crucial to ensure that your marquee provider is willing to raise the size of the marquee during installation if the forecast calls for it.

If the weather forecast calls for rain on your selected day, you may want to consider permitting a small annex to be used as a cloakroom.



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